Boeing Phantom Works

The Phantom Works division is the advanced prototyping arm of the Defence and Security side of The Boeing Company.

Its primary focus is developing advanced military products and technologies, many of them highly classified. In addition it has produced breakthroughs in defence, space and security. Founded by McDonnell Douglas, the research and development group continued after Boeing acquired the company in 1997.

Its logo was derived from the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom combat jet. Phantom Works’ organisation mirrors that of Boeing’s Defence business units, developing new products for their “sister” units. Their ideas are further developed by the Boeing research and technology organization, which adds engineering and manufacturing technologies for use by Boeing’s Commercial and Defence units.   An international group does modelling and simulation work for various governments. Boeing operates secretive facilities in the United States, Great Britain (in conjunction with QinetiQ), Australia, and India.

via Boeing Phantom Works – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

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