Jonathan Ive Aims To Bring A Flat Design To iOS

After Apple Chief for iOS, Scott Frostall, was fired last year for his Apple Maps goof up there was a major change in few key roles at the company and one of the most welcoming change was the appointment of Jonathan Ive as the Chief for human interface design team for iOS. The interface of iOS is applauded for its simplicity but it has been beginning to get a bit too boring and stagnant lately with no UI change at all over the years. With Ive leading the design team, expectations are rising high for a major UI overhaul in iOS 7.0, Apple’s next major iteration of its mobile OS.

Sources close to Apple cited to Wall Street Journal that Ive, unlike tradition Apple process, is getting together the hardware and the software team for iOS devices together to collaborate and come up with a UI that would go with the minimalistic “Flat” design of iOS devices. In general Apple maintains high level of secrecy with its hardware but things seems to be changing slowly but in a positive direction.

Rumours also claim that eventually OSX would go in a similar direction as well and an increasing amount if interaction will follow between iOS and OSX teams as well but as of now the teams are being operator quite independently. Design change is key to iOS 7.0 but Apple also has to make sure that the simplicity of iOS is not lost in the making.

Source say that though iOS 7.0 will have a design change that would not be a drastic change but it will make things more user friendly and simple.

via Jonathan Ive Aims To Bring A Flat Design To iOS – iPhoneHelp.

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